Lens Selection Guide

Spexwale has one of the largest range of lens options in India. We also have high power, high index lenses helping us offer our services to almost everyone who needs corrective eyeglasses.

This guide has 3 parts 

How to choose your Prescription Type

How to choose eyeglasses prescription type

We have 6 options to choose your prescription type based on your need or your doctor's advice.

A) Only Frame

B) Single Vision

C) Zero Power or Computer Glasses

D) Bifocal

E) Multifocal or Progressive

F) Reading Glasses

How to choose Lenses

After selecting the prescription type, you can select the type of lenses based on the below mentioned features or your preference and budget:

A) Spexwale Regular Lenses
B) Spexwale Premium Anti-Glare Lenses
C) Spexwale Premium Blue-Block Lenses
D) Spexwale Thin Blue-Block Lenses

How to share your medical prescription (power/number)

After selecting your prescription type and lenses, you can choose to share your prescription using one of the following methods.

A)  The first option is "Share later". If you select this option you don't need to share the prescription while making the purchase. You can share it later with us via email, WhatsApp or this form.

Note: Our team will contact you in case of non-subsmission of prescription within 2 days of placing an order. After 7 days of non-submission, your order will be cancelled and refund will be issued.