Spexwale Eyewear Size Guide

Want to know the magic portion to a great fitting pair?

It’s your frame size!

Here’s a Guide that’ll give you the quickest & easiest route to your best-fitting frames.

1. Using Size Of Your Current Frames

If you own a well-fitted pair already, try and peek at the insides of the temples to find out the measurements. It would look like a set of numbers which denote lens width, bridge width & temple length respectively. e.g. 52-15-165

2. Using A Ruler

In case your frames are older than a year, you might find the numbers faded.

So let’s have a look at the next simplest way:

  • A Millimeter Ruler / Cloth Measuring Tape
  • Pen/Pencil to Record the Readings

3. Using Debit/Credit Card

Place one edge of the card at the center of your nose & if:

  • The other end of the card ends at the tip of your eye; a medium sized frame would fit you right
  • The card width extends the tip of the eye; a small frame is what you need
  • If the edge of the card ends before your eye’s tip, you’ll need a (L) large-sized frame.